East and West

At both equinoxes, the Sun rises due east and sets due west, no matter where in the world you are. Since Friday is the Autumn Equinox, head outside to mark this primary direction on your local, personal horizon. If you are an early riser, check out the sunrise, which occurs due east if you observe right on the equinox. For most of us, viewing the sunset is easier to manage, but the principal is the same: The Sun will set due west no matter your geographical location. Stroll outside for one or both of these events on Friday, and make a note of these 2 primary directions on your personal viewing space. Sunrise SunsetThis is how you bring sky and earth together!

About starsoversf

Linea Van Horn, NCGR-PAA IV, is the Astrologer at Large. She is founder and President of the thriving San Francisco Astrological Society, a member of the NCGR-PAA Board of Examiners, serves her local Chapter board, and is a published writer, respected teacher and lecturer. Active in the astrology internet industry from 1998 – 2005, she now devotes herself to teaching, writing, consulting, blogging and networking in San Francisco. Contact her at linea@astrologeratlarge.com and visit her website at www.astrologeratlarge.com.
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